09 MacPhail Family Wines Home Girl ($30) ☺☺☺☺ 

I thought it was appropriate to start off the blog with a review of one of my favourite wine producers in California, James MacPhail The 09 James MacPhail Home Girl Pinot Noir is his first release as his second label wine. I have not normally been attracted to second labels, but given the passion and feeling James and his assistant Thomas Brocker put into their wines this was a very pleasant tasting experience. The wine was named after James' bride to be Kerry and was dedicated to her on the back of the label. On the nose it is lush strawberries with a hint of ripe  cherry I also detected some mineral undertones. On tasting the wine, the full flavours really come forward. This wine is a full blast of ripe strawberry and cherry with a hint of vanilla. Great value so look out for the next 2nd Label Offering

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