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02 Chateau Musar ($60) ☺☺☺☺

Chateau Musar is one of those wines which is instantly recognizable. If ever you get it during a blind tasting it s a freebie, a gift. I had the opportunity to try the 02 recently with some new friends and my daughter and her boyfriend. It went really well with the Lamb dish and it has the talisman acetone nose on opening. The taste is of full leather, licorice and gamey plums. Gaston Hochar really produces exceptional wines from the Bekaar Valley and they rank among my favorites. 

06 Inman Thorn Ridge Pinot Noir ($52)☺☺☺☺

The 06 Vintage was not the best for a variety of reasons, however Thorn Ridge fruit seems to have come out a lot better than some. Mix this with the expertise of Kathleen Inman and you have a great combination. Raspberries and black cherries come flying out the the decanter when you first smell this wine. Mix in a subtle herbal black tea and you have a great combination to make a classic pinot wine. On the palate the tennis are firm and lush the black cherries have been replaced with maraschino style cheery tart.  Well worth the wait.

96 Jessop Atlas Peak Zinfandel ($45) ☺☺☺☺

Beautifully ages Zinfandel, with great balance and depth. The tannins have turned soft and mellow and the fruit is still there by the bucketload. The peppery undertones still produce that long finish and the fruit is a complex mixture of black cherries and plums. This is great with a nice T-Bone steak and is probably best drunk up now. 

07 James MacPhail Sonoma Coast ($35) ☺☺☺☺

A great melange of sweet red cherries, liquorice and cherry cola. The wine is the complex version of sweet and sour, a great combination of flavours.  This wine has evolved into something really special. Wine enthusiast  rated it at 92 points on its release, I would venture that his has crept up the scale somewhat and is now a 93-94 point wine. What a stunner. I defy anyone to produce a wine of such quality at such great price point. 

09 Fontanella Portmanteau ($32) ☺☺☺

Its nearly a year since we first tasted this wine and it was good to open another bottle to see how ti has aged. The good news is that is is getting better, the dominant fruit flavor of the blackberries is still there but now there is lashings of cocoa and smoky tannins. Not sure how many bottles we have left but I hope its lots !!

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