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09 James MacPhail Vagon Rouge Pinot Noir ($59) ☺☺☺☺

When winemaker James Macphail pulls together a blend of his own favourite wines you just have a hunch it's going to be good. In this case the mixture of the 09 stellar fruit and the skill of the winemaker make this a great pinot which I think will be good for years to come. The intense cherry cola nose which continues to evolve over time coupled with the lush tannin structure guarantee a great combination. The palate is of cherry, cola and strawberries all brought together with a hint of spice. The wine needs to be stood up a couple of days before begin opened and then decanted carefully as it does contain sediment. 

10 Christopher Creek Viognier ($29) ☺☺☺

When you are fed up with Chardonnay and the Sauvignon Blanc is just not right for the food then pick up a bottle of Viognier, it fills the gap between the two. In this case the Christopher Creek has an initial nose of pears and apricots with a hint of peach. On the palate it shows the typical mineral style associated with the classic French viognier and has a reasonably long finish for a white wine. We drank it with spiced chicken and it held up well against the spice.

11 Fieldstone Sauvignon Blanc ($20) ☺☺☺☺

A wonderful new world style Sauvignon Blanc. Matured in 100 percent stainless steel thus the wine is very crisp and fruit forward. The nose is initially of tropical fruits, melon and citrus. the taste is floral, delicate and with the slightly acidic lemon finish will lend itself to accompany a wide variety of food. 

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