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08 Neal Rutherford Petite Syrah ($35) ☺☺☺

Petite Syrah is normally used as a blending wine. In recent times it has undergone a facelift and is now being marketed in its own right. This Neal wine is a great example of how winemakers develop less popular grapes and make something very interesting and pleasing to the palate. This Petite Syrah is a good example of a foodie wine; robust tannins, rich fruit flavour and was a great accompaniment to cheese. Underlying tastes of blueberry, vanilla and  and oak make this a wine memorable. I am hoping it will age well, time will tell. 

The Annual Summary

This weeks blog is devoted to the Annual Summary which we published on Friday. 

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05 Silver Oak Napa Valley Cabernet ($129) ☺☺☺☺☺

Out first 5 smiley face wine for 2013 and what a great wine it was. Complex nose involving blackcurrant, cigar box, cedar and tobacco. The taste continually evolved as the wine aged in the glass and gave hints of hints of tobacco leaf, mint and herbs. The tannins were still firm but wonderfully smoothed as you would expect from a wine improving year on year. The winemakers claim this will go to 2032 !. We drank it with a rich beef wellington and it was the perfect compliment.

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