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09 James MacPhail Rayes Hill Pinot Noir ($59) ☺☺☺☺

Another hit from the MacPhail stable. If Coca Cola ever brought out a strawberry flavour then this wine would have a  perfect description. Predominantly Pommard clone hence the strawberry flavours but the acidity and tannins suggest this will be a long keeper. The only problem is that it's very good right now and do you have the patience or mental strength to cellar it? 

08 Fontanella Mt Veeder Cab. Sauvignon ($52) ☺☺☺☺

A great example of how a complex Cabernet evolves. It was nice to get back on track after lasts weeks disappointment. Fontanella has firmly established itself on the wine producing map thanks to Jeff Fontanella who was trained at none other that Opus and ZD so you would expect the pedigree to come through. The wine has great structure, the fruit is dense and complex with great blackcurrant and cassis flavors dominating. The tannins are fully toned and support the underlying structure of this great wine. The long finish gives up mocha and chocolate with a  hint of molasses. Looking forward to the next bottle of this :-) 

06 Franciscan Cabernet Sauvignon ($27) ☹

Occasionally a winemaker can create a decent wine out of a less than optimal harvest. Unfortunately this is not the case with this particular Cabernet. The wine was acidic and the tannins totally overpowered any remnants of fruit there may have been. The nose struggled to release any bouquet but there was a slight hint of dark cherry somewhere in there. It was disappointing to start off back on the wine tasting with such a disappointing wine. One of the first non smiley faces.

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