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12 Black Mountain Pinot Noir ($6.99) ☺

Occasionally you get to try wines which don't really impress but which also could have been just a little better give a bit more quality control. The tannins in this wine overpower the delicate fruit so much that its like chewing matchsticks. The description of "lingering silky tannins" uses a lot of poetic license and perhaps if the word silky had been omitted, then it would have been nearer the truth. So in the spirit of 'taking one for the team' we bring you this review.

09 WH Smith Howell Mountain Cabernet Bronze Label ($48) ☺☺☺☺☺

Great wines are such a pleasure to drink with robust food. This Howell Mountain Cabernet just begs to be drunk with a  succulent ribeye or New York strip. The initial nose is one of deep plums and blackcurrant, there is even a hint of mocha and pepper. We left this to breathe for about an hour and were rewarded with a  great smooth taste with flavours of ripe fruit, lush tannins and a hint of sharp acid to help bring out the best in the steak. One worth laying down in my opinion.  

10 Wilson Carls Vineyard Zinfandel ($36) ☺☺☺☺

Our first review after an extended trip to Europe where we tasted some great wines from the 70's and 90's.

Carls Vineayrd Zinfandel really hit the spot, the smoothness of the fruit and a good tannin structure help make this wine a great steak accompaniment. The initial nose is of mature plums with heaps of vanilla and on the palate the wine continues to evolve bringing on slight caramel and loads of blackberry fruit. Zinfandel is renowned for its peppery favour and although this wine has some pepper undertones it is subdued and adds beautifully to the complexity. Overall a great start back for us into USA wines again.

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