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11 Round Pond Sauvignon Blanc ($24) ☺☺☺

Made more in the unoaked French style and brings some lighter citrus fruits with lower than normal acidity. This went really well with grilled salmon and was best chilled. Its one of those wines which just slips down easily and in my mind is a great "foodie" wine.

09 Sequana RRV Pinot Noir ($30) ☺☺☺☺

Complex wines are always a pleasure to drink. This Sequana stated off having a great red berry smokey nose with almost earthy mineral flavours. Deep in there was a hint of floral flavour and possibly even rose petal. The taste however is beautifully deep cherry with a hint of strawberry. It was very well balanced and I am hoping this will last for quite a few years yet. A great food wine, we tried it with pork fillet and mustard. Enjoy !

08 Wilsons Dry Creek Zinfandel ($30) ☺☺☺☺☺

Drinking a wine at its peak is always fun. This 08 Zinfandel was a beautiful experience from start to finish. The nose was full of deep blackcurrant fruit laced with raisins and cocoa. When you taste the wine there was that deep black fruit coupled with vanilla and just a hint of the usual peppery spices found in Zinfandel. The finish was long and the tannins had mellowed to keep in balance with the fruit. its not often you get a wine at this price point hitting all the right buttons. This one did.

12 Trader Joe's Chardonnay ($2.99)☹ Cabernet ($2.99)☹☹☹

Well it had to be done, a tasting of the famous two buck chuck. We tried both the Chardonnay and the Cabernet Sauvignon.

The Chardonnay was the best of the worst, it didn't really have much of a nose and the taste was mainly green apples and some pear and a lot of oaky flavours. The finish was short but you have to wonder at $3 a bottle what else you would expect. I admit I expected to get something like rocket fuel but it wasn't that bad. I have definitely had worse and survived. Would I buy it? Probably not, but it would make a food cooking wine for $3.

Now for the red (difficult to call it a cabernet), this was a sniff, taste a small bit then discard. Flavours from the tasters included "liver and onions" "goodyear tyres", "aniseed" and balsamic vinegar. This is truly one to avoid for sure. Dire wine which I could not even see me cooking with. 

I know these wines are legendary but ……….not for me. 

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