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03 Robert Young Scion Cabernet ($70) ☺☺☺☺

We tried the 03, 04 and 05 in a vertical tasting. The 03 was the clear winner. Lush tannins, great blackcurrant and plum fruit and a hint of cedar on the nose. We opened this about 1 hour before drinking and it was in my opinion probably at its peak. Comprising of 78% Cabernet Sauvignon, 9% Cabernet Franc, 9% Merlot, 4% Petit Verdot it is essentially a Bordeaux classic mix. 

07 Rochioli Pinot Noir ($60) ☺☺☺☺

The waiting list to get onto the Rochioli wine purchasing is about 5 years currently. We first went there in 2008 so I am really looking forward to 2013 ! This wine showed great complexity, the tannins have evolved and now are smooth with just a hint of bite, the taste was deep cherry jam with lashings of plum. On the nose dark tea was very evident as well as some vanilla. This is drinking really well right now but will still last a few more years in my opinion. At the time of tasting we gave it 92 points with a  comment that it was very fruit forward. If you see it, which is unlikely just buy it !

05 Long Meadow Ranch Cabernet Sauvignon ($55) ☺☺

We recently reviewed the LMR Sauvignon Blanc and found it to be excellent value. That trait has continued in this 05 Cabernet. The deep colored wine shows great black fruit on the nose while the taste gives us a hint of darjeeling tea. The tannins are still present but in a nice way, it still retains the balance required for a good cabernet. I suspect this will last a few more years and we will enjoy drinking it a t that time. All in all a good Cabernet. 

03 Gustavo Thrace Cabernet Sauvignon ($30) ☺☺☺

I was first introduced to Gustavo Thrace wines by a local retail outlet. The wine buyer and I often had long chats about wines we had tasted and he suggested this wine as a great value wine and one which may keep as well. That was back in 2005 when the 03 vintage was just released and we were lucky enough to be able to keep some for a longer period. Our patience has been rewarded, the wine has an almost nutty licquorice and blackberry flavor and the tannins are mellowed but still present. All in all, a great value wine which would go down really well with classic cheddar cheese varietals at the end of a meal. 

05 Leo Joseph Cabernet Sauvignon ($37) ☺☺☺

We bought this as a blind purchase having never tried the vineyard before. It was reduced from $75 and reading the reviews it would appear to be a bargain. The wine comes from the Lawrence Harrison Vineyards in St Helena. The Cabernet is a medium bodied wine, not like the usual stonking Cabernets one associated with this area. I have to say it made a pleasant change. Light blackberry with a hint of strawberry all washed down with spices and mellow tannins. Very acceptable wine.

07 Tallulah "Les Tros Voix" ($20) ☺

A French Rhone style blend of Grenache, Mouverdre and Syrah gives this wine its classic flavours and smells. Red berries with an underlying peppery meaty nose. We opened this about 1 hour before and decanted it. Very little sediment. If you like the French Rhone Style then this wine will is a good attempt from Napa. Good value and something which would go well with gamey style food such as venison. Its a foodie wine for sure.

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